Our Goals for You.

Life Coaching and the use of tools like NLP when used correctly can naturally make profound changes by expanding the possibilities and making changes to your lifestyle. I have helped countless people be able to move past their personal obstacles and into achieving personal freedom. I offer Life Coaching over the phone or in person. You will find working with a Master trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming who is ready to help you in the ways you need, and when you need them to be a great experience. I offer an non-judgmental environment that will allow you to heal, and make goals for your future successes. When you call we will make sure through consultation to find the right fit for you, and begin a plan to improve your life, business or relationships. I want to see you moving in the right direction with the right tools to face the challenges life can throw at you.

Imagine being confident, able to find the motivation to do what needs to be done, while experiencing personal freedom that allows you to move beyond the limits of your creativity and imagination. Imagine being happier, healthier and successful in your ventures. Imagine having easy conversations with your loved ones, and understanding how to communicate. Imagine being able to manage your time between life and work effortlessly and easily. See yourself now, before you begin, and think about who you want to be. You can be in that future if you take the right steps to get there. After experiencing the changes you want for yourself I’m sure will agree. This is the difference Life Coaching can make in your life now, because you can go beyond.

What Types of Issues Can be Addressed?

By Teaching people to operate there own brain and systems they wont need others to do it for them. I work with hypnosis and with NLP and other approaches but I consider myself an educator more then a therapist. Many issues can be “treated” however while someone who has had a life long phobia may think “I’m cured of my phobia” I would say “I learned new information and am no longer phobic.” In this way changing ones self is not therapy but education. I believe however that education and personal development can be therapeutic

They way many behaviors both good and bad are learned  can very from person to person but anytime behaviors change the way we think about them is changed. I teach and help people to adopt strategies both on conscious and unconscious levels. With the right strategy it becomes easy to overcome may challenges in life. That said working with anxiety, motivation, weight-loss, fears, emotional pain, insomnia, compulsions and other areas that the tools for coping you have are not working for you we can work to make some fast and major improvements by eliminating the processes allow such strategies to effect you. Also areas like memory improvement, communication skills and learning strategies can be worked on in ways to see major positive change.

So where do you start?

Start by filling out the client intake form on this site found under the contact heading or clicking here Client Intake Forum.

Sessions can be booked following a free consultation and the intake forum submission. Pricing is found on the Pricing Page.